2015 BVI Sailing


(these are pictures from our previous trips)

Join us in the British Virgin Islands

June 2015

Steve, Laura & Anna


Ahoy, friends!

We hope you can join us in the gorgeous British Virgin Islands next summer.  We are renting a large sailboat (up to ~8 people) to go island hopping and exploring.  The sailing is easy and fun. Each evening we’ll anchor and make dinner aboard or go ashore to a restaurant.  Beach time and island-exploring are also on the list.  Read on for details…

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How it works….Steve will handle the boat and hotel reservations.  I can help with flights too so let’s talk about that as the date approaches.  You’ll fly into San Juan, Puerto Rico and then take a small plane to the BVI.  From Austin the trip takes all day.

Steve has sailed on roughly ten trips like this.  He will be in charge of the boat but will rely very much on the other adults (and kids too) to help sail.  It’s a ton of fun, so get ready!

Each day we will usually sail for a few hours and do something fun onshore.  For meals, we’ll buy groceries (one big shopping trip at the beginning) and eat most of our meals on the boat. For a few lunches and dinners we’ll eat at onshore restaurants.

Laura and I are thinking about a possible new schedule option for the moms and kids.  They could get off early at a resort while the guys continue to sail for a couple more days.  We’ll be discussing the options over the next several months.  Stay tuned….

IMPORTANT:  You must have current passports for you and the kids.  I’ll be renewing mine this year – start early if yours is expiring!

WHEN:  We plan to go shortly after school ends (first or second week of June 2015).  We’ll firm up the dates in Jan or Feb.  You need to reserve your spot with Steve by March 2015 when he pays the deposit.

LOCATION:  Tortola in the BVI.  This is sailing at its best!  The water is deep, cool and dark blue. Unlike Florida and The Bahamas, these islands are very hilly and scenic.  Sailing is easy and the winds blow very consistently.  Also, you’re never out of sight of land.

See link HERE for a bunch of details about Tortola and sailing vacations.

COST:  Here is an estimate for planning.  (More accurate when we have a final headcount.  We are sharing the boat cost, so if we have three families it will be less.).

  • Boat for 5 days – $2,350 per family (two families)
  • Hotel $120 per person (last night in BVI)
  • Airfare $800-$1000 pp
  • Food/drink/souvenirs/excursions – this can vary widely based on your choices.  Roughly $300-$500 per adult + $200 per child.

WHAT TO BRING:  See LAST page of this document.

In addition to daily sailing, there are other activities you can do.  Depending on which islands we visit you can snorkel, play on the beach, hike, windsurf, kayak, and many more things I don’t even know about.  Again, it all depends;  If we are at a deserted island then you’ll just be enjoying nature.

More to come.  I’ll update this section soon.

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Marina Cay - 2006 BVI Trip

Marina Cay – 2006 BVI Trip



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